This workshop is designed to give you the confidence and knowledge to work with Indian spices.

It uncovers how flavour combinations are created and assures you that Indian cooking is not as complex as you may think.

The class offers a real hands-on experience and begins with an explanation of what the spices are and how they are used - before delving into the practical application of them.

This workshop gifts you the ability to master the art of balancing spices and building your repertoire of cooking techniques.

We offer an exciting range of menus both for novice chefs and those that want to learn more. There is something for all abilities, learning objectives and interest.

After a relaxed session of learning you can appreciate the fruits of your labour and enjoy the food you have made.

Each session will accommodate a maximum of four people, enabling the opportunity to give each participant the personal attention required.

Enjoy your meal with complimentary non-alcoholic wine and juice.